CM Prestigio 2015

The Rioja Governing Council (C.R.D.O.Ca.) has accredited the 2015 vintage, the earliest in the region’s history, with a‘VERY GOOD’ ranking. Young and elegant grapes that particularly lend themselves to aging, in tandem with favorable climatic conditions over the entirety of the vine’s cycle, which ensured their excellent vegetal and sanitary condition and their reaching an optimal level of ripeness, rendered September an exceptionally fruitful period for the production of high-end wines.

The wine’s roots lie in the fresh and chalky soil of Labastida, as well as plots of Acueducto, Altabaza, Cuba Negra and Larrazuri, San Martín and La Rad, making use of limited batches of small grapes derived from head-trained vines ranging from 35 to 80 years in age. The soil found in these mountainous regions proves perfect for these austere vines, which are subject to what is almost a highland climate.

The wine
CM Prestigio is created using Tempranillo grapesfrom Labastida, where the vines, which produce a maximum potential yield of 4,000kg per hectare, are treated using a special pruning process and once ripened to perfection, are harvested by hand and then
collected in boxes with a storage capacity of under 12kg. Back at the winery, prior to being chilled in refrigerating chambers, the grapes are subject to a dual selection process, checked both by bunch and individually. The alcoholic fermentation of the grapes takes places in small tanks, followed by their malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels.