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Located in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, in the heart of the Rioja Alta region, this new winery seeks to become a referential on a region where excellence and quality are the hallmarks, in both the production methods and wines.

For history, tradition, quality and for market share, this Apellation of Origin constitutes a respected introduction card of the quality Spanish wines around the world.
After more than two years of exploration and searching excellent terroirs, Carlos Moro aims to create a new landmark in the region with the seal of Matarromera, its prestigious wines its commitment to innovation, sustainability and diversification.

The legend of Carlos Moro.

Carlos Moro

Carlos Moro is a viticulturist and a wine-producer; passionate about wine, and a lover of the land and the vine. His childhood was spent between his family’s vineyards in Olivares and Valbuena de Duero, in the heart of the Milla de Oro (‘Golden Mile’) in the Ribera del Duero. Guided by his infinite love for the land, it was here that he grew aware of what he should do, of his duty, and of a job well done - his unmistakable intuition for wine was nurtured. This all laid the foundations of what is now known as Grupo Matarromera.

Carlos Moro, born in 1953, is an Agricultural Engineer and a Doctor of Oenology and Viticulture. He also studied Business Administration, SMEs Economics, and Information and Communications Technology in Madrid where, in the 1980s, as well as studying, he worked at the Ministry of Agriculture, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and the Spanish Food and Drink Industry Federation (FIAB), as well as spells with The Ministry of Industry and Energy (MINER) and Airbus. However, it was in 1988 that he decided to return to his roots and start pursuing his own dream, when he founded Bodega Matarromera in Balbuena de Duero, immediately gaining international recognition after winning the award for ‘Best Wine in the World’. After Matarromera, another eight wineries were opened, such as Valdelosfrailes in 1988. Valdelosfrailes is located in an old 16th Century manor house, in the heart of the emerging Denominación de Origen Cigales, or ‘Bodega Renacimiento’ (Winery Rebirth), which was owned by Marqués de Olivares and was previously a Jesuit convent, before becoming RENTO; a small, cult winery found by the banks of the River Duero.

Bodega Emina, opened in 2005 in Valbuena de Duero, sparked a revolution in the national wine scene. As well as its spectacular winery and avant-garde design, this complex possesses a Wine Museum and Duero that announced Emina as the main landmark of Castilla y León and la Ribera del Duero’s wine tourism.

The opening of the Bodega Emina Medina in the D.O Rueda, along with the arrival of the Bodega Cyan in the D.O Toro, complete a range of winemaking attractions where you can also find Oxto, a small firm dedicated to producing fortified wines, and Win, the range of alcohol-free wines.

In 2014, Moro carried out his last projects when he built the Oliduero olive oil mill in Medina del Campo and set up Bodegas y Viñedos Carlos Moro in the DO Ca. Rioja, in the Riojan neighbourhood of San Vicente de la Sonsierra.

Grupo Matarromera produces high-quality wines, alcohol-free wines at the most modern molecular deconstruction plant in Europe (in Valbuena de Duero), distillates and liquors (Heredad de Aldor), extra-virgin olive oils at their Oliduero oil mill, polyphenolic extracts to be used for cooking (Vinesenti) and top-of-the-range cosmetics (Esdor).

All of their facilities have been built sustainably and efficiently, always respecting their surrounding environments, which saw the company awarded the European Environment Award, handed over by Their Royal Majesties the King and Queen of Spain in 2012.

Their constant commitment to research and development has been praised on multiple occasions, although in 2016, the company was honoured with the National Research Prize, awarded by the Spanish Government’s Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and received in 2017 from HM The King of Spain, Felipe VI, the Innovation National Award in the category “Innovative Career”. The Innovation and Design National Awards are the highest awards given in Spain in the field of innovation. Also, he was part of the Jury of the National Awards of Innovation 2017..

The Winery

The Winery

Bodegas y Viñedos Carlos Moro is a business and wine project marked by the passion of a winegrower, winemaker and winery owner that has successfully deployed its stamp on other designations of origin, equally demanding and prestigious.

The winery is located on a hill with great views of the town and its surroundings. Its location and its design, with different levels between the different units of elaboration (aging, bottling and shipping) allows the handling of the grape and the movement of the wines by gravity.

An exciting work also driven by a team of winemakers, responsible for selecting a collection of special vineyards on the left bank of the Ebro River with its epicenter in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, and which constituting the starting point for wines that aim to be in the elite of the Qualified Denomination of Origin Rioja. 20 hectares of own vineyards and another 40 managed by Grupo Matarromera form the starting point for this exciting challenge.

The underground corridors with a surface of more than 1.200 m2, with a capacity for over 2,000 barrels, allow natural and homogeneous aging throughout the year because of the optimum temperature and humidity conditions, regardless of weather conditions outside, without dependence on industrial refrigeration equipment and / or air conditioning.

At the same time Grupo Matarromera is evaluating the investment in a system that could take advantage of the humidity and the temperature of the underground corridors, so that these low temperature can be used in the rest of the rooms of the winery. All this will contribute to the philosophy on sustainability and the protection of the environment.

This new winery forms the backbone between two regions, between two rivers which, flowing in the opposite direction, lead to the same destination: a market accustomed to the requirement and the excellence of its wines, motif set with humility, simplicity and professionalism, the principal and noble goal of this new Rioja winery.

The wines


Rento 2011

D.O. Ribera del Duero

2011 Moderate winter with a short period of frosts and little rainfall. Mild spring, moderately rainy and hot towards the end. Mild and dry start to summer, very hot at the end with acute drought. Superb harvesting conditions at the beginning of October, with good ripening owing to the high temperatures and healthy conditions thanks to the absence of rainfall.

The vineyard The Hito Corto vineyards have been cared for with such devotion and affection that they are well worthy of being included in the history of RENTO. It is the only Grupo Matarromera estate to be located on the left, southerly bank of the river Duero (Quintanilla de Arriba). It is a very special vineyard: no chemical products are used in its day-to-day cultivation.

The wine The grapes harvested on the Hito Corto estate boast exceptional sugar levels and colour intensity, which subsequently manifest themselves in the wine. The grapes are subject to twofold selection, first bunch by bunch and then grape by grape. Rento 2011 was aged for 18 months in 50 barrels of mainly French oak, from such prestigious coopers as Taransaud, Berthomieu, Boutes and Cantón. The barrels are stacked in only one layer and are refilled by hand.

It has an intense colour with a dark cardinal-red tone and significant purplish hues. The bouquet is full, honest and very complex, ripe black fruit predominating amid a multitude of aging notes; cedar wood, liquorice, India ink... It has a good structure, stylish and silky, with a powerful body and a notable framework of robust, well-controlled tannins with an enduring finish.

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Carlos Moro Finca Valmediano 2012

D.O. Toro

2012 Very dry and harsh winter, with a prolonged drought lasting through to the first half of spring. Very rainy April, which benefited a slightly late budding owing to the conditions during winter. Very hot summer marked by extreme drought. Largely rain-free harvest although with a short and welcome spell of rain at the end of September.

The vineyard Poor sandy soils. Centennial rootstock Tinta de Toro plantation. Density: 1,100 plants per hectare, planted in 1930. Maximum load of 3,000 kg. per hectare. Located in the Duero River, in Toro, in an area with Mediterranean climate with continental influences and an altitude of 650 m above sea level.

The wine Intense purple tones, with soft cardinal edging, covered layer, clean and bright. Very intense and complex, with bright aromas of ripe black fruit; Acid blackberry and blueberry jam with balsamic elegant lavender, balanced with tertiary aromas from the barrel aging, highlighting spicy clove and black pepper, fine chocolate, roasted and licorice stick. Live sweet tannins skeleton, balanced with elegant alcoholic warmth. Remain the same aromas existing on the nose, repeating an excellent complex with harmonious, persistent, warm and silky long finish.

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Carlos Moro Finca Valdehierro 2012

D.O. Cigales

2012 Very dry and harsh winter, with a prolonged drought lasting through to the first half of spring. Very rainy April, which benefited a slightly late budding owing to the conditions during winter. Very hot summer marked by extreme drought. Largely rain-free harvest although with a short and welcome spell of rain at the end of September.

The vineyard Poor loamy soils with abundant limestone aggregate and alluvial. South orientation. Centennial postfiloxéric plantation. Density 1,100 plants per ha planted in 1943. Maximum load of 3,000 kg. per hectare. Located in the Duero River in an area with Mediterranean climate with continental influences and an altitude of 750 m above sea level.

The wine Intense cardinal, covered layer, clean and bright. Intense and very elegant, with bright aromas of ripe red and black fruits of cherry and fresh blackberry, among rich and complex tertiary aromas from its oak aging, stressing licorice, roasted coffee, vanilla nail with an elegant mineral touch of graphite. Very elegant and velvety, with a live, expressive and pleasant sweet tannins skeleton, well balanced with a measure acidity. Very complex on the palate, with multiple flavors red fruit, coffee, and nice roasted licorice.

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Carlos Moro Finca Las Marcas 2014

D.O. Rueda

2014 2014 was characterised by a rainy and mild winter, followed by a hot spring, with an absence of rainfall and a degree of drought. Dry and hot summer, which brought forward the ripening process at least seven days compared to a normal year. Balanced final ripening, with the harvest extending throughout September.

The vineyard Poor sandy soils and alluvial areas. South facing west. 15 years old vines, Verdejo patterned R-110. Density 2,300 plants per hectare. Trellis with rod and spur pruning. 6,000 kg. per hectare. Located in the Duero River area, in an region with Mediterranean climate with continental influences and an altitude of 650 m above sea level.

The wine Pale straw yellow with bright green trim. Clean and bright. Elegant and complex. Multiple harmonic overtones, tropical aromas of passion fruit and mango, among herbaceous anise and white flowers, in perfect balance with the aromas of the barrel, with subtle clove, vanilla, toffee and cedar wood. Very elegant and velvety, with a lively acidity that makes it fresh and creamy, with excellent sensations of citrus, subtle tropical, smoked, elegant balsamic aromas, fresh, well balanced, with a long finish.

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The winery will also be opened for wine tourism, becoming a close and accessible reference for visitors and tourists, in a region used to promoting wine culture for decades.

The winery will have a grape variety garden, wine bar, tasting room and glass elevator to view the production process.




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